I have always loved to dance but I never was formally trained in any style of dance until I studied bellydance. My first semester class was with a beginner bellydance troupe in Washington DC. Friends and family questioned my interest in this dance but I didn't care, I was hooked. After that semester my instructor told me I should attend a special Masters workshop with my now mentor, Bellydance Superstar, Bozenka. Although I was totally not ready I did it anyway and I was captivated, next thing I knew I was studying with Bozenka in Crete, Greece and have returned multiple times since (these photos are from Crete by Willem J Habets).

As I kept studying and practicing, I met Sahra Saeeda-an Egyptian dance ethnologist, and I took her courses Journey Through Egypt I and II and knew I wanted her to be my mentor as well. I wanted to understand the roots of this dance so in 2012 I "Journeyed Through Egypt" with Sahra completing the remaining curriculum (III & IV) in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. Those are memories I treasure with master Nubian and Saiidi instructors and wonderful moments with Sahra learning, dancing, and even cave dwelling.

Because I was already a business geek with my MBA before I formally started bellydance training, and I was already an artist (paint / draw) since I was a little girl, developing these BON show concepts flowed naturally. I am an avid reader having read hundreds of biographies so I knew what could fuse with bellydance. A little secret about me - I adore improvisation. Jazz is all about improv and the magic you can make in the moment; for me that is the magic of bellydance. (and Belly of Jazz was born)

Nile Pasha

BON Creator

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Belly of Nile